Landscaping in Small spaces

Why not transform your outdoor space into a beautiful landscaped garden?

Designing a garden can be an exciting project. Everyone appreciates a well-maintained beautiful garden to relax in and entertain guests. Maybe you just want to have a makeover for your garden. The landscape ecology plays an important factor for landscaping.

There are a lot of things that come to mind when planning the design of your garden. If looked at it from a different point of view of it being mundane and time consuming, it could very well be a beautiful space of your creation with wonderful vibrant colors all year around.


Things to consider, for under taking a landscaping project.

• Consider the layout of the garden design
• Draw the walls and boundaries
• Consider the positioning of hedges and fences
• Lawn design
• Lighting
• Choosing your plants ( or herbs and vegetables )

You also want to consider the area of the plot you want to design. The plants and shrubs layout around the garden, as they look and take up different amounts of space, depending on season. Do you want a formal or informal looking garden? According to London Landscapers Formal gardens are more geometrically perfect with well-defined lines for pathways, hedge’s etc. While informal gardens have very natural looking curves and hedges which has its own relaxing feel to it.

Where to look for good garden design’s.

A good landscape starts with good research. Gather inspiration by visiting public gardens, garden shows, garden center’s or even other peoples house where they have good garden designs.

Don’t forget to look up social media, instagram, pin interest and the likes to gather more great ideas for your landscape.

Choosing Plants, Shrubs and Tree’s

Having a good selection of flowers, shrubs and trees will give your garden a year around look. To add color to your landscape, consider bulb and bedding plants. Potted plants could also be a good alternative to add color to the garden. The ease of being able to move them around helps changing the face the landscape which also helps uplift empty areas of the garden during the harsh weather season.